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Micky D's: Are we loving this?

While McDonald's U. S i9000. president Jeff Stratton was making a speech to fellow significant people in the wonderful world of McDonald's, ten-year employee Nancy Salgado cut off him shouting at him how she has never become a raise and she has two kids and $8. 25 is not enough to live off of. Stratton after that responds that he has been with the company for 40 years and while Miss Salgado starts to insult what Stratton has done for the company, she is insecure to be caught, oh and all sorts of this was over a camera telephone and inside days, this kind of made national news. This is a URL with all the video as well as an interview with Salgado protecting her actions ( Initially when i first saw this video a few weeks ago, I was appalled. To see the president of a business to just completely shut someone down that way is uncalled for. Ok last one, I likewise happen to help McDonald's, I am going two years, less than strong. In contrast to Salgado, I've gotten elevates, but not very much. In two years I went from $8. 25 to $8. 55. I know plenty of places where their particular starting wage is higher than what I making. Let me just say, like a McDonald's employee is the most thankless job ever before. All my lifestyle, teachers and my parents would always tell me to work harder, or I'll be flipping hamburgers at McDonald's the rest of my life. Joke's on them because there is no turning, there is a press on the bbq grill, so you only press a button and you're carried out. We really do a lot of despite what folks may think. Together with all that operate, we have to cope with annoying buyers. If I a new dollar for every time a buyer yelled at me, or perhaps complained, well, I'd always be pretty abundant. I know what Salgado goes through, and it was amazing to see someone do that. Not only did the lady make the president look like a deceive in front of the big group having been speaking to, but he looked like a fool across the country. Entertaining fact...

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