Peter and Donna Thomas Essay

Peter and Donna Jones

Peter and Donna did not plan to become book manufacturers, but seeing that, they have realized that being a book maker is very much more than just making the book. They will explain that you really become component to it and the tactile influence moves an individual so much more. In a way, it's a performance art that turns into a studio piece. It all depends on your materials, you have to know the materials, since they end being the main feature in the book. The physical features are the actual the book special, and the reason that they got into book making. They think that in a world revolving around the producing press and personal computers, there's a lot that could be said with regards to a homemade book, especially the one which doubles as an artsy piece. Philip believes that all soon, publication artist could be more acclaimed that painters or sculptors must be book much more complex and will contain more mediums.

They started making books in 1976, Donna the illustrator and Philip the papermaker, and binder. Originally, they started with just making story books, and Donna even had one released, but as time passes, they found a more innovative outlook and started making them for creative values as well as some blank handmade catalogs for others, as well. They have various major collections in various locations ranging from UCLA to The Huntington Library, to Harvard and Yale.

We would say my personal favorite collection will be their Ukulele books, literally made from ukuleles and the webpages come out coming from behind the strumming contact form. They range from $1500 to $5000. I am unable to say We would ever purchase one, but it is definitely pretty amazing to view how they possess transformed a musical instrument into a learning tool.