Character Research of Erik Fisher by Tangerine Article

Erik Fisher, basketball celebrity, going out with a supporter, and provides two scholarship offers. This individual seems like the ideal high schoolar. His admirers show that, but nothing is the fact perfect, ever. So what is football legend hiding? What goes on behind the closed doors of the Fisher house? How about the new sports superstar practically blinding his brother Paul Fisher with spray color? Or, punching a central schoolar? Or how about taking from households? He isn't very as excellent like he appears. Conclusively, Erik doesn't make very smart choices in the book.

A choice manufactured by Erik was going to spray paint his brother's eyes because Paul advised their father and mother that Erik's old criminal sidekick at the moment, Vincent Castor, vandalized the neighborhood. " I turned around and saw Vincent Castor. He was holding a can of spray color. Then, I actually felt Erik grab me from in back of, easily pinning both of my personal arms with one of his. I could hear my words crying ‘I didn't notify! I don't tell! ' And I appreciated Erik's fingertips prying open my eyes while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them. They will left me shouting and moving around in the garage. ” (pg 263-264) In conclusion, Erik, when angered, isn't totally in control of his emotions.

One other choice manufactured by Erick was when he smacked Tino Jones his brother's friend. He chose to do this because Comedimiento was teasing Erik regarding when he was about to stop a field target when his holder snapped back the ball and scored a touchdown. Nevertheless that isn't wherever Erik's humiliation ends, the coach did not remember to tell Erik that he was going to replace the play thus Erik would definitely kick the ball to get real. Rather if stopping the ball, he started the mud, slipped and fell, in front of everyone. " Immediately, quicker than I think he may, faster than Tino thought he can, Erik lashed out, great the back of his palm across Tino's face, great him so difficult that Acierto spun halfway around up and landed on the turf. ” (pg 205) Therefore, Erik by no means got trapped for this however ,...