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Case Analysis Survey

The iPremier Company and the Denial of Services Strike

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August 23, 2014

Bob Turley:

I can't believe we have attacked with a DoS strike. Below I possess prepared a written report that discusses the possibilities available to we iPremier. Through reading this case and analysis of market trends I possess put together a collection of recommendations that can help us progress from this attack.

With Qdata not benefiting from new technologies we should have seen something like this arriving eventually. We have to have taken even more action into moving each of our computing to a different facility instead of putting that off sticking with Qdata. The damage is already carried out but we could still progress.

Please review the details in the report below. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or perhaps comments.


Technical Functions Team Leader

Joanne Ripley

In this section I needed to add a statement like your problem is... I suggest that you... Other than that and some resistant reading Dr . Cross don't have any other comments.


Based in Detroit, Washington, iPremier was founded in 1996 simply by two learners at Swarthmore College. After that iPremier is becoming one of the best two online retail businesses selling extravagance, rare and vintage products on the web. We were able to survive the specialized stock downturn in 2k. One organization advantage that we have is our flexible returning policy which will enables consumers to fully take a look at their products just before deciding in the event that they desired to keep them. The customer base is high-end so we do not have to worry about credit rating limits even on our more expensive products.

Summary of Facts

About January doze, 2007, by 4: 23 AM iPremier Web servers were delivered to a sudden end. They had been attacked having a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. A DoS attack is in which a ton of packets customer networking methods and result in a stand nonetheless. This stand still inhibits customers from using online services. The harm that was launched on iPremier could have been a lot worse. for example, the duration of the attack could have lasted much longer or even taken place in daytime rather that in the middle of the night. Whether it had occurred during the day we could have lost substantial amount of business and customers would have known that something was going on. I could have also been a lot more serious because the customers buy their products with bank cards and we keeps a database containing all credit-based card information of our customers. The credit card data source is a main advantage to iPremier because it gives all of us an effective situation in the ecommerce market. This kind of advantage features a major drawback, if a hacker were to gain total get of the system the credit-based card numbers will be in jeopardy.

iPremier has a contract with Qdata, which is the company that hosts most of our laptop equipment and offers connectivity online. Qdata was an early participator into the web hosting service business. The key reason we decided to go with Qdata is because of how close they are to the office. Qdata presented basic floor space, power, online connectivity, environmental regulates, physical secureness, and some higher-level management services such as monitoring of Web sites for customers as its Network Businesses Center and some Internet reliability. The problem to Qdata is that they not necessarily quick to purchase advanced technology and have experienced difficulty in maintaining an adequate staff. iPremier had been referring to moving each of our computing to a new facility to become more secure yet there were a few things that kept us via doing so. First of all we have been very busy growing, protecting earnings, and growing new features to benefit the customers, that is why moving to a new facility by no means made it to the top of the list. Another reason all of us placed shifting to a different center on the backburner is that it could be much more high-priced to move to a more...

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