Home Town Composition



My Hometown

My hometown is Kaiping, it is found in the south west part of Guangdong province. Though is not really a big town, but it is an extremely beautiful and warm metropolis. It is situated in the southwest part of Guangdong province. I have been lived there for 13 years, until four yrs ago our family moved to San Francisco. I love to live in kaiping and I miss the time which i live in kaiping, for environmental surroundings is so comfortable and it around simply by greens. Like trees, flowers, mountains plus the not harvesting cropland. The air in my home town is very new. When you breathe in the air, you are able to feel the air flow inside of your physique. Then couple of second later on you could feel that your exhausted are gone. The neighborhood that I live, there has various supermarket, market, shopping center, and shopping streets. In the purchasing street, there's various sorts and varieties roadside stands, which is extremely lively. For example , there are clothes stands, charms stands, BARBECUE stands, video game stands and the like. Once you walk in the road, you would think that you never want to get away and go back home anymore. Persons usually will remain there for 3 to several hours, shopping for things and keep looking things that fits these people. Coming and going. That's the reason why the street had been crowed. Every day I can hear the people performing, yelling, getting away, and those talking sound from the street to our home, however it was not extremely loud, at least it didn't bothers me. However I was very interesting in which person makes the audio. So sometimes when I are free, I'll run out towards the balcony and spend few hours to watch people walking around.

Our apartment is facing the street, so that I will see persons from our balcony easily. I could see some of the families walking collectively, some people are buying clothes, some boyfriends and female friends holding every single other's side, brother ordering foods to get his very little sister, and several of the kids joking about. Also there's many foreign visitors walking slowly on...

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