Determinants the Extent of Utilization of MCH Services in Baragngay Mangarin, San Jose, Occ. Mindoro Research Newspaper






" I will tremendously increase your discomfort in childbearing; with pain you will give labor and birth to children…”Genesis 3: 16 ABSTRACT

The analysis aims to measure the extent of the utilization of Mother's and Child Health (MCH) Care Solutions for pregnant mothers given by the Section of Well being (DOH) by describing their particular socio-demographic position, categorizing their very own high risk health condition, recognizing the health status, determining MCH treatment services received, determining the percentage who utilized the birthing home establishments, showing the many strategies employed in the implementation of MCH care because outreach activities and enumerating the extension activities conducted by Midwifery division relative to MCH program in Barangay Mangarin, San Jose, Communautaire Mindoro. Detailed method of study was used. The researcher also used complete enumeration in choosing participants in Post Partum Moms who sent at Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn baby Care (BEmONC) or Lying-In, hospital and home. The respondents had been selected purposively used in identifying the infant feeding practices and terms of Immunization status, the researcher used basic random sampling method.

The findings in socio-demographic features revealed that almost all of the respondents come to elementary level on their educational attainment and many of them had been unemployed and generated normal family cash flow ranging from Php 1001. 00 to Php 6, 666666666. 00. The normal problem came across was inadequate money to offer birth in Lying-In / BeMONC and hospital. To deal with this problem, offer an emergency and birthing prepare activity is required. Open-forum while using key informant and other health care providers is also used on reduce the birth at home.

To get the health position of women that are pregnant and kids, there were fifty-three (53) pregnant mothers out of seventy-three (73) or perhaps 72. 6% who are in high risk condition. Furthermore, the high risk factor of pregnant mother proved belongs to the age group, below 18 years and 35 years and above and may be alarmed to the physicians. They frequently visit to the Barangay Well being Center to get pre-natal check-ups, injection of immunization to get the moms and babies, receiving Flat iron with folic acid dietary supplements.

For the use of birthing home service and birth attendant, this study found out that most post partum moms delivered at home and joined by " Hilot”, probably due to economical constraint.

Seminars and several health education programs were offered to among pregnant mothers to reduce the teenage pregnancy instances and boost delivery in Lying-In or perhaps BeMONC and hospitals.

This study illustrates the utilizations of MCH care solutions and facilities in attaining MDG some and five. Provision of more information spread regarding the updates, trends and issues of Maternal and Child Medical services should be given emphasis to this software.

I- Advantages:

Maternal and Child Well being (MCH) Proper care is the well being service presented to moms (women inside their child bearing age) and children. The targets for MCH are all women in their reproductive : age groups, my spouse and i. e., 15 - forty-nine years of age, kids, school era population and adolescents. It also refers to the relationship of mom and kid to one another and consideration with the entire friends and family as well as the lifestyle and socio-economic environment, while framework with the clients. (Adisse, 2003) Depending on the Filipino Commitment towards the Millennium Development Goals, to succeed in these targets, each region needs to make sure that the MDGs are prioritized. There is an ever-increasing focus and interest in MCH care around the globe, especially in the expanding countries just like the Philippines. After the World Millennium Summit for the children, 1991,...

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