Ap Age of Exploration Dbq Essay

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The age of exploration created fresh opportunities for those countries involved in it. New control routes were established in an attempt to locate a northwest passage, bringing about the development of the triangle control system. Great britain was the previous country to colonize the Americas. The raw materials and goods extracted from the Americas were given for the mother region, which was the thought of mercantilism. The opportunities made by this time period would change the world.

The different nations around the world of the world wished to find a northwest passage to India, but what they received instead was your triangle trade system. They were doing this by simply sending a large number of voyages to search for the passage. Spain and Spain were the first countries to financial these going expeditions because of the wealth and support by the monarchy. Costa da prata explorer Da Gama traveled the world to The african continent, and cut back slaves and salt. Christopher Columbus was knocked off his path by different wind patterns and ocean currents, ultimately causing the discovery of the Unites states and the Western Indies. As a result, while the Southwest Passage was never found out, the pursuit led to a triangle transact system among Africa, the Americas, as well as the European mother countries.

The different mom countries planned to colonize the Americas, and competed for this. Spain managed Mexico and many of the Andes Mountains region, France managed the Midwest territories, and Portugal handled parts of South America. The English were significantly behind the other countries in colonizing land because they started colonizing following your rest of the countries. Many Englishmen journeyed for the colonies since they would get their own property, which was not the same as England, since the oldest son may inherit terrain. Also, bad guys who were mainly arrested and set to fatality for small crimes were sent to the brand new World as an incentive. The region was therefore poor and overpopulated...

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