Address the similarities and differences among the types of organizations Composition

 Address the similarities and differences among the types of organizations.

The four different companies that we chose to learn about will be Graceland Medical Center, University or college of Chicago, il Medicine, University, and The CHOC Children's Hospital. All of these organizations are similar within a couple techniques, as two of them that happen to be University of Chicago Treatments and University of San Antonio (Bexar County) are focusing on children and adults when it comes to health-related services, as the Graceland nursing service is only wedding caterers to adults and the aged, as they are a chronic and long term, medical facility. The CHOC Kid's hospital will take only children and is working with a wide range of specialties and many different facilities they could be seen at. Twon from the four agencies are serving for many distinct purposes. The University Hospital plus the University of Chicago Medication are both companies that have a number of clinics readily available as well as a hospital and they are providing to many distinct health care needs such as cancer treatment, endocrinology, geriatrics, cardiology, neurosciences, orthopedics, pulmonary illnesses, surgery, implant, pediatrics, and woman's solutions, Cardiovascular, kid's health and pediatrics, neuroscience, injury center. The CHOC Childrens hospital even offers many different spots for there health care solutions. As for the Graceland Medical Center that they seem to be a reputable organization helping the adults and the older with chronic, long-term, and therapeutic and rehabilitation treatment. Residents can easily receive on-site physical, conversation, and work-related therapy regenerative care, dementia care, IV therapy and parenteral and enteral nourishment services, wound care and hospice treatment.

Many medical care organizations happen to be being very careful on every one of there EMR's (Electronic Medical Records) Appears as every healthcare organizations have changed to Digital as it was lately passed inside the bill for any...

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