Essay on the Brief within the Pork Barrel or clip Scam

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Professor Sanjay Claudio

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in MPA 625

Community Policy and Government Government


Lawrence Lerias

MPA Student

Oct 2013


In 1996, the Filipino Daily Inquirer released an exposé on the CDF (the predecessor of PDAF), with an private congressman (since identified as former Rep. Romeo D. Candazo of Marikina) explaining how congressmen and government representatives earned coming from overpricing projects. The Pig Barrel was defended simply by congressmen saying it's required to distribute funds in their localities. After which the CDF was reformed and renamed PDAF.

Ever since then, the Chicken Barrel has become challenged in the Supreme Court twice, in 1994 and again in 2001. In both circumstances the SC ruled its constitutionality underneath the legislative's " Power of the Purse”. History tells us that our nation has become at the same dilemma as ahead of.

The current Chicken Barrel Fraud was first revealed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on September 12, 2013. Benhur Luy, personal associate to Janet Napoles, was rescued by NBI in March twenty two, 2013, 4 months after he was detained by Napoles at her condo device in Bonifacio Global Town. Luy, discussed that Napoles detained him because of fear that he would rival her own tainted set up. Consequently, Luy bared the corrupt practices Napoles and her cohorts play on the Chicken Barrel Finance. Janet Napoles was incurred with unlawful detention by the NBI. The lady initially went into hiding nevertheless eventually gives up to Director Pnoy in Malacanang. She's currently jailed in Sta. Rosa, Descuido and was arraigned on her behalf illegal detention case previous September 3.

The Chicken Barrel Con sparked general public outrage in social media which resulted in the Million Persons March in Luneta upon August 26, 2013. It absolutely was attended by simply more or less 80, 000 people. The demonstration called for total abolition in the Pork Clip or barrel and dedication of those active in the scam. Within a move to mollify, pacify, placate the public and to pre-rhyme the protest, President Pnoy announced upon Aug twenty three, that he could be abolishing the PDAF, although legislators will still have line-item insertions on the budget. The individuals viewed this kind of as a lip-service to calm the public invective. The PDAF name is gone, but the pig is still there. The individuals only acquired angrier, the President whom they hope to bring democracy back is trying to mislead them. On August a few, the community bloc of the home of Reps, led simply by Minority Leader and San Juan Town Rep, Cr7 Zamora files a resolution to probe in to the alleged misuses of pig barrel money. On the same working day, the senate voted up against the probe within the scam. However , two-weeks after, Senator Guingona of the Blue Ribbon panel announced they will launch an official probe into the Pork Clip or barrel Scam. On August sixteen, COA unveiled a two-year investigation about how legislators put in their PDAF from 2007-2009. The general review findings will be as follows: (lifted from Interaksyon. com) A large number of lawmakers received PDAF over and above their respective allocations (each senator will get P200million and each lawmaker, if for congressional district or perhaps party list, P70 million). One councilpersoncouncilwoman, whom she declined to name, received P3 Billion of PDAF in all of the. Some money were unveiled for projects outside of a congressman's legal district or perhaps sector. A single non-lawmaker, a certain " Luis Abalos, " received P20 million PDAF and no agency could make clear how this kind of happened. Applying agencies would not, strictly speaking, apply projects yet loosely overturn and offered monies to NGOs, which includes of the NGAs even recharging a 3-percent " supervision fee. " There were likewise no endorsements from the Exec agencies just before releasing cash to NGOs, violating DBM's own guidelines; releases were created essentially in the behest in the sponsoring legislator. This violated Resolution 12-0087, of...