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Community Environment Issue

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Aug 11, 2013

Mouna DiBenedetto

Community Environmental Issue

Central Texas, specifically Travis County, has been beneath drought conditions since La Niña, a weather style where the surface temperatures are cooler inside the Pacific ocean, therefore creating more dry weather inside the southern section of the United States, this summer (StateImpact, n. d. ). Although this type of weather design is typically combated with the introduction of El Niño, which has the opposite impact, it did not occur in winter season of 2012 and central Texas was left with the driest circumstances it has experienced since the least expensive drought about record in the year 1950s (StateImpact, n. d. ). Couple this drought with all the challenges that central The state of texas faces with water top quality and it is very clear that the place needs to makes changes in so that it will sustain a normal, abundant, water sources to get the years to arrive. Water Utilization in Central Texas

Resulting from a three yr drought Pond Travis and Lake Buchanan, the two key reservoirs for central Texas' water supply, have reached an all period low at just 35% total (Central Texas Sustainability Symptoms Project, 2009). Storms in central Texas during This summer 2013 helped bring 2 to 4 inches of rainfall to the many the The state of texas hill nation and as very much as 8 inches in a few spots yet rain fall is significantly under the typical averages (StateImpact, in. d. ). Currently, Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan hold 702, 157 acerbo feet of water versus their capability of 2. 01 million desagradable feet. This year inflows had been the lowest of all time at about 10% of average, in 2012 inflows were the fifth most affordable in history at about 32% of average, and in 2013 inflows have been on pace to near the almost all time low of 2011 until the latest rains include resulted in average improvement. These historic levels of inflows and water retention creates a situation where drinking water conservation and awareness in increasingly essential yet 15% of central Texans and 19. 3% of Travis county...

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