Ancient Roman Elite and their Civic Donations


of cities, relying on native elites for administration, street building and

most importantly taxes. City left

to possess devices if it paid out taxes etc. Hereditary

oligarchy of landowners who sat on curia – not merely financial centre but

concentration of political, interpersonal and cultural lives. Curalies

civic donations to show status within places and between metropolitan areas – baths,

gymnasia, temples, agorai arches – thus larger and bigger theatres in

smaller cities. Not

for have to have of civic buildings, rather remarkable cultural behaviour of

Roman Elite – not inevitable – is possibly expressed without

paraphernalia. Not

one off – network of families in locations associated with imperial power

eventually Crisis

3rd century - political

and fiscal – endowments of curiales shed benefit as inflation (coinage less

valued). 3rd and 4th

centuries cities facing financial meltdown – needed central administrative