An Research of the American Dollar in The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman

The Thirteen American Arguments Response Paper

To begin, why don't we discuss money.

More accurately, why don't we speak about the American dollar, to which

Fineman has dedicated a whole chapter to. Fineman did an

excellent work of incorporating interviews of

economically-knowledgeable persons into his debate on the

background and current affairs of the dollar. Although it appears like

Fineman keeps a neutral standpoint on the dollar, presenting the

arguments for both sides, if you ask me, it appears as though he is slightly

worried about the balance of the dollar. In the end, our national

debt has done only grow in the modern times.

The complete American economy rests

upon capitalism and the many companies that dwell within. In

fact, the government has already established to sometimes bail out a huge company

to keep the American economy steady. The economy, in the end,

plays a crucial role in the worthiness of the dollar. Nevertheless, at the

time of posting, Fineman and his contemporaries had been experiencing a

recession carrying out a burst in the true estate bubble in 2007. The

economy had not been looking great, and for Fineman, neither was the

dollar. Further exacerbating the problem, as Fineman notes, was the

ridiculously large defense spending budget that sprang up as a reply to

9/11. The American authorities was overly paranoid and had a need to cut

that defense budget if indeed they wanted to make