An Evaluation of the Expansion of Technology in THX 1138 and Back again to the Future

No Future?

When looking at the future persons see many various things. Whether flying cars, properties floating in the surroundings, or persons walking around in space matches, everyone has their very own idea. More often than not when people check out the future they look significantly into it, not within the next several years. The near future is generally thought as twenty or even more years beyond today's. Many movies and tales discussed the future world appear to really have the common motif that technology will enjoy a big part in the creation into the future. The development of technology will bring about the advances that may take the world in to the next century and beyond. George Lucas' film THX 1138 and Robert Zemeckis' Back to the near future are both types of movies that portray technology and the developments into the future. THX 1138 and Back again to the Potential both portray technology as a danger to culture that could ultimately cause its downfall.

George Lucas made THX 1138 a long time before he became well-known in his later videos. He based the film on his film that he utilized as his graduate task and thesis. It had been his primary attempt at directing and creating a Hollywood film. His objective was to make a film that could show the future condition of the environment if it was to keep on its way of the seek out perfection of everything. He reveals the

future as a location that many persons may possibly not need to live or even to be associated with.