A Descriptive Paper on the consequences of Confucianism to Japan's Society After Universe War II

Many factors helped assist in the dynamic progress that occurred

in Japan and the four little dragons through the post-World War 2

period. A few of these elements were situational factors exclusive to the

time however, many of the factors had been cultural. The legacy of Confucianism

in Japan and the four little dragons helped to help expand the goals of

industrialization that these nations experienced. The traditions of

Confucianism offered for Japan and the four little dragons both a

pliant consumer and a model for choosing proficient leaders.

Confucian traditions positioned an focus on the ideals of the

group over the person. This helped industrialism by creating a

pliant populace who were ready to accept extended hours and low wages

rather than question government guidelines. The traditions of Confucianism

taught staff not to query authority. These traditions carried

over in to the post battle period and allowed authoritarian regimes in the